Friday, September 30, 2005

Here we are with a present for me ! I couldn't get to this shop & buy nothing there, so we bought a brandy -glass for 3.2 liter... Now I put there different stones & shells in water, & the light green color of glass makes it beautiful!  Posted by Picasa

More glass.... Posted by Picasa

They use a lot of color for their glass sets Posted by Picasa

There are different glass sets are made especially for presidents of different countries or very popular people. Posted by Picasa

Mom, look that's yoir favorite huge glasses! Posted by Picasa

By our way to Karlivy Vary we drop to one glass factory is called Moser Factory ! There is small museum of Moser Factory's history, where u can see diffrent glass stuff and by the end u go into factory shop. Every thing is hand made , very beautiful & quite expensive ! But u can afford even a small animal glass souvenir .  Posted by Picasa

What can be better than to float on boat at very late eve with soul-mate by you with a drink of Becherovka and Jazz Band... oh ... it'a kewl ... You should try once ! Posted by Picasa

All embankment has small restaurants with very fine czech kitchen ! Oh it's delicious! Posted by Picasa

Some giggles can make him smile! Posted by Picasa

So nice and peaceful, that you can melt there! Posted by Picasa

What a lovely view on a quay of Praque! Posted by Picasa

My cutie hubby on this boat trip 1 Posted by Picasa

Karlov Brige from some distance. Posted by Picasa

Karlov Brige -the oldest brige of Prague it was called Juditin briges in 1169 and after it was repaired & rebuilt by Karl the Fourth in 1357 it got new name of Karlov Brige Posted by Picasa

The night boat trip on Vltava river. There are just 17 briges from this river in Praque whereas in Saint-Petersburg there are 583 briges in the center city! Posted by Picasa

The National museum , it's very beautiful building....  Posted by Picasa

What a prodigious view !  Posted by Picasa

The exit from the Golden Street Posted by Picasa

Look at the hight of the door! Now in these houses are souvenir shopes , they are very nice! Posted by Picasa

In one of these houses Kafka's sister lived & he used to visit her , sometimes he stayed there Posted by Picasa

The poorest part is called Golden Street , they built their houses in the city wall. These are very small, you need to bend to get inside.  Posted by Picasa

The same Church.... Posted by Picasa

I don't remember how they call it , but i liked this bright color of this Church of Peter and Paul , I think Posted by Picasa

The Golden Gate  Posted by Picasa

The Golden Gate Posted by Picasa