Monday, October 03, 2005

Charles bridge, because of poor light and ours digital camera you can't see anything behind of me inspite of view's beauty Posted by Picasa

Somewhere in the center of night Prague Posted by Picasa

Prague, near Charles bridge Posted by Picasa

Look what a lovely couple, you may take a tour arround the town by these horses Posted by Picasa

My lovely wife at first spring site Posted by Picasa

My lovely wife Alice is sitting in front of building envelopes the springs Posted by Picasa

Karlovy Vary, me in the middle of main promenade Posted by Picasa

One of Karlovy Vary's geysers Posted by Picasa

Karlovy Vary, town's river Posted by Picasa

Karlovy Vary, promenade Posted by Picasa

Karlovy Vary, the concert of curch chorus Posted by Picasa

Here is me by the geyser Posted by Picasa

The biggest geyser in Karlovy Vary just strikes up and generates a stream of warm water with 72 C temprature Posted by Picasa

Karlovy Vary, the church, on right hand there is a biggest geyser of 17 m high and 72 C temprature Posted by Picasa

Karlovy Vary, here you may see a building with springs inside it Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 30, 2005

Here we are with a present for me ! I couldn't get to this shop & buy nothing there, so we bought a brandy -glass for 3.2 liter... Now I put there different stones & shells in water, & the light green color of glass makes it beautiful!  Posted by Picasa

More glass.... Posted by Picasa

They use a lot of color for their glass sets Posted by Picasa

There are different glass sets are made especially for presidents of different countries or very popular people. Posted by Picasa

Mom, look that's yoir favorite huge glasses! Posted by Picasa

By our way to Karlivy Vary we drop to one glass factory is called Moser Factory ! There is small museum of Moser Factory's history, where u can see diffrent glass stuff and by the end u go into factory shop. Every thing is hand made , very beautiful & quite expensive ! But u can afford even a small animal glass souvenir .  Posted by Picasa

What can be better than to float on boat at very late eve with soul-mate by you with a drink of Becherovka and Jazz Band... oh ... it'a kewl ... You should try once ! Posted by Picasa

All embankment has small restaurants with very fine czech kitchen ! Oh it's delicious! Posted by Picasa

Some giggles can make him smile! Posted by Picasa

So nice and peaceful, that you can melt there! Posted by Picasa