Sunday, July 31, 2005

We are in Tel-Dan Posted by Picasa

Last Dima's birthday, in some place in Jaffa

Me, Alice and my friends Max & Felix Posted by Picasa

Tel-dan, very beautifull place and very beautifull woman Posted by Picasa

Our beloved dogi, Greg Posted by Picasa

Jilaboon stream by the waterfall Posted by Picasa

Jilaboon waterfall Posted by Picasa

To the wadi Jilaboon through the meal halt Posted by Picasa

Jilaboon trip beginning

Jilaboon Posted by Picasa

Hi, this is our last trip looks like

Before couple of weeks we were in earth of our country, and did a trip near Hermon mountain.
The trip was about 10-12 km, a little bit difficult but without any doubt interesting.